The Linux Log-structured Cleaner Project

"Cleaning the Cleaner"

About the project

The LinLog Cleaner Project, started by David A. Gatwood, is a project to debug MrClean, the official cleaner of LinLogFS. Source code for both the user space and kernel portions of the cleaner are available by CVS.

For more information about our debugging efforts, please consult the Master's Thesis Paper that began this effort. For more information on the cleaner itself, please see the Original White Paper on MrClean. For more information on LinLogFS, please see the Official LinLogFS Home Page.


To check out the sources, do the following:

mkdir llsrc cd llsrc cvs login (password is mklinux) cvs get linlog-utils cvs get linlog-kernel

After you have done this, you will need to install the linlog kernel patch from the linlog-utils directory. This changes various config files and may or may not apply cleanly depending on your kernel version. Once you have convinced it to patch, or have manually made any changes that were unsuccessful, do the following:

cd /path/to/linux/kernel/source/fs/ mv linlog linlog-old ln -s /path/to/llsrc/linlog-kernel/linlog linlog

Finally, you will want to cd into the linlog-utils directory and do a make. Good luck!

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